What Is VoIP Technology Doing In The Boardroom And In The Airport?

Is there a call you want to make without the extra cost? With your computer in tow and an Internet connection, you can make calls over the Internet in the middle of everywhere, even in busy airports. What is VoIP technology? That’s what this is all about.

Calls On the Go

Say goodbye to costly telephone bills. You can make a call from your computer when there are pressing business reports to make, even in a crowded airport or a cafe. Times have really changed and you have to know what is VoIP, or voice over Internet protocol, and how it gives you calling convenience.

If you’re a frequent traveler, business or otherwise, you’ve spent the best part of your life waiting in airports, from small domestic airports to massive international ones. A call here and there is inevitable, especially if you have to give those last minute and often urgent instructions that seem to come out of nowhere.

Isn’t it time that you should know what is VoIP technology and what’s it all about? Of course, you’ll need a chic Bluetooth headset and an IP server to get you going. Life spent in airports can be less of a headache if you can just connect to home and the office when there are pressing needs just before your flight is called.

In the boardroom, the VoIP is taking teleconferencing to another level. The big chief can call his minions and talk to them at the same time without racking up costly long distance calls. The meeting goes on with perfect attendance, even if two or three guys are away on official business or on vacation!

What You’ll Need for VoIP

The VoIP process packages your voice into a digital signal which travels over the Internet superhighway. If you call the standard landline phone number, the signal is converted to the regular signal even before the phone rings.

You can make your calls from your computer using a VoIP phone or the traditional handset which you will have to connect to a specialized adapter. With this adapter, you can make calls anywhere, as long as Internet connection is available in the area.

Before you can fire away with a VoIP, you’ll need to get a VoIP server. You have the option to avail of free teleconferencing quotes online. When requesting for a quote, you’ll be required to answer a few questions, such as when and where you will be hosting your teleconference, the number of teleconferences a month you will be hosting, and the number of participants in the teleconferences.

You are also given the option to choose from “reservationless” and pre-scheduled conference types. For the pre-scheduled type, an operator will assist you and handle all the salient details. You can also request for additional services, like transcription and call recording. Knowing all these details will give you an idea exactly what is VoIP teleconferencing about. Furthermore, you’ll also need Bluetooth headsets for your workforce on the go to get extreme coverage from your VoIP system.

So What is VoIP Doing in the Boardroom and Airport?

Your VoIP is working hard to ensure that you’ve got all your business calls and voice emails covered with less expense. You’ll have the latest reports and updates without that extra painful cost.