The Great Opportunity For VoIP Resellers

Making telephone calls over the Internet using voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) is an efficient and cost saving technology that is in a position to forever change telephone communications. VOIP is not a new phenomenon, having been in use in the business world for quite a few years. In the last couple of years, though, it has begun to catch on with consumers as a way to efficiently combine all their modes communication in their homes, for either their work lives or personal lives, and avoid paying high charges as they have with long distance companies. With the many products and services available to customers, it seems like a lucrative business to be a part of. VOIP resellers have the opportunity to pass reasonably priced products and services on to consumers while at the same time making a great profit and being a part of a communications revolution.
VOIP technology provides the customer with an exciting opportunity to experience low priced telephone service. Subscribers to VOIP services have a bevy of options from which they can choose. The ability to subscribe to VOIP is dependent on the customer having a reliable broadband Internet connection, and will require the customer to either purchase a few new pieces of equipment or software that will enable VOIP to work from the home computer. Customers can choose to use a specially equipped microphone hooked up to the computer, making the experience like that of a speakerphone. The customer can use his or her home telephone with the service, if he or she purchases an analog telephone adapter that converts the analog audio into digital data. They can also buy an IP phone that is plugs directly into the computer and is ready for immediate use. There is also a wireless option, and VOIP cell phones are beginning to make an appearance on the market. It’s important for the customer to be aware that VOIP phone service isn’t that dissimilar to traditional telephone service, except that the cabling has changed. Once the customer has the necessary equipment for VOIP, he or she then needs to search for a reliable, affordable, and dependable service provider. This is where the VOIP reseller can step in. A VOIP reseller has an opportunity to provide affordable phone service to customers beyond the startup costs, while at the same time getting in on a potential technology and business boom.
A VOIP reseller does just that, he or she resells minutes to VOIP customers that have been purchased from a VOIP provider. These resold minutes are marked up to allow the VOIP reseller a reasonable profit. The reseller becomes the liaison between the service provider and the customer, providing customer service and resolving issues. It is important to note that for anyone interested in becoming a VOIP reseller, there is often a considerable investment in the beginning. A new reseller will have to purchase software and equipment that will enable his or her to provide service to his or her customers. However, there are services available for the potential reseller that provide their own gateways and servers while giving him or her the opportunity to be their own business owner without the expensive startup costs. These firms provide software that make it possible for a VOIP reseller to establish and maintain a set customer base. Customers can access their accounts, contact the reseller with issues or questions, and view their bills. These firms also help to alleviate the big startup cost by offering not only their servers and gateways, but also billing systems that would normally cost a hefty sum to purchase. All of this is offered in a secured interface.
VOIP is primed to take the place of the traditional telephone system. There are tremendous moneymaking opportunities to be sought for someone that is good at marketing and selling a product. There are opportunities to provide service and support to customers while being self-employed. For a VOIP reseller, the opportunities are tremendous.