<H3>SIM Card Reader</H3>

SIM card readers allow the various types of information on them to be read. There are many uses for them. Lets say you accidentally drop your cell phone and it is in pieces. You will lose all of the data you have stored inside of it. Many people rely heavily on their cell phones and they don’t have the numbers in it any place else. The SIM card can be taken out and then read. This way the data can be retrieved and either written down for the person to have or even transferred into a new cell phone.

Some people accidentally delete phone numbers or messages from their cell phone that they needed. They may be desperate to get that information back again and it is possible with a SIM card reader. All of the information that has ever been placed on the phone is placed onto the SIM card. So even if it is deleted from the cell phone it will still be accessible.

Yet some individuals have found a SIM card reader to be a way to spy on their spouse or even their children. They are able to take the SIM card out of the phone and read what they have been texting. It will even tell them the history of calls that have been coming in and going out. Many people think what they have deleted from their cell phone can’t be retrieved but that isn’t the case.

Yet if you are going to these lengths to get information on your spouse or your children then there are trust issues in the relationship. Some people have been able to confirm their suspicions though that a partner is having an affair with a SIM card reader. Others have been able to find out if their children are lying, having sex, and even using drugs due to such access.

A SIM card reader is going to cost you about $150. They seem to be very reliable but the multiple uses of them is quite controversial. Some employers have purchased them to see how their employees are using business phones. They have caught individuals sending text messages of a personal nature even during business hours.