Regarding Commercial Identity Theft: Who has Stolen your Good Identity

You wake up one lovely morning and you tell yourself that it is going to be a great day. As you walk towards the kitchen to cook a luscious breakfast, the phone rang.

With a smile pasted on your face, you said one of the sweetest hello you have ever uttered your whole life, only to find out from an alert employee whom you are speaking with on the other line that you are near insolvency.

You stand there frozen – unable to make the information sink in instantly. Afterwards, the smiled faded into a wry. Now you know your identity is in great trouble.

Somebody has stolen your name, address, social-security number, bank and credit account numbers and phone numbers. Somebody has stolen your IDENTITY.

That somebody has been using your identifying information and accounts to purchase properties and enrich. You are greatly indebted and your bank accounts are emptied. Without you knowing it, you are nearing your doom days.

What is identity theft? Identity theft happens when somebody has taken your name, address, Social Security number (SSN), identifying information and credit card account or bank accounts in order to commit crimes and other fraudulent machinations.

If you are faced in this situation, fury and loathe will be an understatement. That is for sure. It takes years to build who you are and what you have now. No one has the right to take it away from you. If they do, they have to pay for it.

Your identity is as precious as your life. Your finances are valuable as your living. You have worked hard for it. Hence, it is just but right to protect them from the widespread identity theft commercial.

Perpetrators can easily steal identities. They roam around and watch you closely and the next thing you found out is that you have fallen victim of identity theft commercial. Do not let this happen to you. Try to device something helpful.

Moreover, you have to be extra cautious about your personal information especially those that involves your finances.

You have to make an effective identity theft commercial prevention plan. To do it efficiently, here are some of the things that you must do:

1. You have to check your credit report from the three bureaus at least once every year. Check whether it is accurate. If it contains error, dispute it right away. This is to protect you from fraud and inconsistencies.

2. Another way to prevent identity theft commercial is not to leave your Social Security card in your wallet when you carry the same in public places. Leave it at home or anywhere safe and away from intruders.

3. Keep your social security number, bank account pin numbers and credit report access number private. Do not write your ATM pin number at the back of the ATM card. Another, since identity theft commercial has invaded the net, use security software. Firewall is a good choice.

4. Avoid Internet frauds. Bear in mind that no reputable and legal business will ask you to confirm your personal identification information through e-mail. This is an example of a hoax leading to identity theft commercial.

5. Be careful in telling others your credit card number via phone. This is especially true with telemarketers.

6. When you are about to have an airline or hotel reservation, it is preferable that you use a regular corded phone rather than a cell phone or cordless phone. This will minimize the chance of identity theft commercial.

7. You can also have a membership program from a company that helps victims of identity theft to recover from said crime. Said membership provides security, convenience and financial assistance. In addition, it also offers reimbursement of benefits covered.

8. If you happen to find a credit card, report it immediately. This is to stop a possible chain of identity theft commercial.

9. If you have queries regarding identity theft commercial, you are free to visit the Federal Trade Commission site at You can also call its Identity Theft Hotline at 1-877-IDTHEFT (438-4338).

More often than not, the perpetrator’s goal is just to get your name, address and credit card number – that’s it. Moreover, you have to be careful in giving away these pieces of information.

Though these tips may not guaranty a 100% identity theft-proof still this will keep you more protected that the rest who do not exercise these precautions.