Nintendo Wii Rumors

The head on competition between Nintendo and Sony have certainly caused a palpable hullabaloo in the video gaming world. This was further spurred when Nintendo scheduled the release of the new Nintendo Wii almost on the same week with Sony’s Playstation 3. All of this furor can be greatly accounted to marketing schemes and media hype employed by both companies in order to generate more interest. Consumers, particularly the gaming enthusiasts are certainly lapping up all the sensation and can wait to get their hands on the latest gadget.

Right before the release of both gaming products, there have been Nintendo Wii rumors circulating that is much concentrated on the specifications of the product. The speculations have certainly created much undue fuss and excitement for people who can’t wait to get their hands in the new addition to the Nintendo family. For a tine, Nintendo have kept mum and refused to divulge any information that directly concerns the product. This further fueled the interest and clamor of people and the unavoidable comparisons made between the Nintendo Wii and the Sony’s PS3.

Among the most controversial Nintendo Wii rumors was regarding the capabilities to be used as VOIP phone, since word got around that the controllers is equipped with its own speakers. Another Nintendo Wii rumors claimed that for people are using halogen lights in their rooms, the wiimote would not be able to work properly. With such hearsay, this can potentially trim down the possible sales of Nintendo Wii since most homes are now using halogen lights.

Another one of the Nintendo Wii rumors claimed that the wiimote would be operated with a two AA batteries, which is certainly a very bad news for people who are looking forward to trying the new product. As the release date of the Nintendo Wii loomed near, the rumors have become more off base, such as the claims of other people that the product has a built in camera and can even be used as an instant messaging system.

However, all the Nintendo Wii rumors died down with the release of the product last November 19, 2006 in the United States. Although some people complained that the product fell short to their expectations, some were all too happy enough to get one of their own. It can be safely be as summed that much of the success of Nintendo Wii, or any other product for that matter can be greatly attribute to the media advertisement.