Iridium Satellite Phones Offer Worldwide Coverage

“When I get to the South Pole, I’ll give you a call on my Iridium Satellite phone.” Sounds like a statement that might be made by the hero of a science fiction novel, right? Although it may sound strange, satellite phones are not as foreign as you might think.

In fact, they are the best way to communicate from places that have little or no phone service from more contemporary sources such as landline phones and cell phones. Because of the nature of the phone, you can literally use it to call anywhere in the world you wish.

According to information posted on the Iridium Satellite’s website, this phone service is the only one that offers reliable service throughout the entire world. They credit this achievement to their constellation of 66 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites. The website states the company’s particular system allows all areas of the world, even including all of the oceans and polar regions as well as airspace, to be easily accessed by phone.

The website also indicates the Iridium phone system is superior to other satellite phone systems because there are no significant delays in information transmissions. Other positive features of this phone system include the fact they use less power, which makes the battery last longer. Iridium’s hand held phones are also smaller than those offered by some other companies.

Along with voice services, the Iridium company offers a variety of other data transmission options. These options include the ability to send faxes, pages and data messages. These options allow you to stay in contact with your business or family and exchange information in any way you need to.

While these phones are ideal for industries and companies, they are also great for individuals. For instance, these phones are used by members of the United States military when they are stationed in areas not covered by traditional phone service.

The phones are also ideal for those in the construction industry who are working in places where there are no phones in place yet. Satellite phones are also ideal for use in emergency rescue or disaster areas where landline phones and cell phone towers are not working.

There are also a variety of other uses for these phones including travel purposes. Satellite phones are ideal for those in aviation or maritime positions since the phones work everywhere they may go. Those in media positions may also benefit from satellite phones in order for journalists in the field to keep in contact with their home office. Those in the mining, forestry as well as oil and gas fields may also benefit from the reliability of a satellite phone.

If you want to keep in touch where ever you may roam, or where ever your job may take you, you might be a good candidate for an Iridium Satellite phone. These phones can transmit messages literally world wide meaning if you are on the North Pole, or in the air above Australia, you will be able to connect with those whom you need to talk.