I think my husband and I were the last people in our neighborhood to purchase a home computer

After getting advice from the information specialists at work we set off to purchase a computer. We bought the full system including a printer as well as a photo center. We decided if we were going to do this we should go all the way. It was quite overwhelming bring all the boxes and cables into the house. My husband was scheduled to go out of town so that left me to try to get the system set up. After reading manuals and looking at all the cords and cables, I called a friend of ours and asked him to come over and set the system up. When he was over I asked him which internet service in our area he would recommend. He suggested going with the cable internet service because we already had cable service in the house for our television. The cable internet service offered high speed internet access and would not tie up our telephone line. In our semi-rural area the telephone service is not always reliable and their wireless tower was to far from our house to receive dependable service. I had already checked with the telephone company. They told me that in the winter months when the leaves were off the trees we would get steady service, however during the summer with leaves and wind the service may be disrupted at times. We decided that we did not want to have to depend upon the weather conditions to use our computer.

The cable company was able to set up the cable internet service the day after we called them. The process took about forty five minutes because they needed to run a second cable up to the upper level of our home where we had decided to put the computer. The cost was less than the telephone company was offering and we have the ability to up grade for faster speed if we needed to. We are enjoying emailing family and friends as well as looking things up on the internet. We have decided this was a good investment.