Film Schools in Barcelona and Spain

The number of winning films recently that has emerged from the dark continent of Europe is staggering. Just looking at the entries in Cannes speaks so much of how European visual arts are really first class, though bereft of worldwide publicity. But by the recent lifting the veil, the world has seen the true gamut of colors previously hidden by the constant barrage of west originated films.

In accordance to a tradition of excellence, film schools in Barcelona and Spain have dedicated to upgrade technologies, merging a delicate balance of instilling classroom theories and giving hands on first rate experience to students. And because film study can also be taken as an advancement study, film schools in Barcelona and Spain have adapted to this need, by providing academic programs suitable to every demand. There are programs as short as three weeks; there are also academic curriculums that delve further into age old practices and techniques only learned through the curriculum.

There is no shortage for film schools in Barcelona and Spain; the only problem would be which choice is the best advancement of the individual. As for choices, here are the best Film Schools in Barcelona and Spain:

Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC)
Log in at:

Carrer de Colom 84-90
Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain 08222
Telephone: +34-93-736-1555

Short Professional Advancement courses

Escuela de cine de Barcelona
Log in at:

Grand Via de les Corts Catalanes
Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain

Escuela de Cine Metropolis
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c Melendez Valdez 31
Madrid, Spain
Short Beginner and Professional Courses

Escuela de Cine Pablo Alvort
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Film and Acting School
c/ Pilar de Zaragoza, 9
Madrid, Spain 28028
Telephone: +34-91-36-117-32
Fax: +34-91-71-31-711

Escuela de Cine y Audiovisual de la Comunidad
Log in at:

Juan de Orduña, 3
Ciudad de la Imagen, Pozuelo de Alarcón
Madrid, Spain28223
Telephone: +34-915-12-10-74
Fax: +34-915-12-10-70

1 year Diploma and Short Professional Courses

KINEMA Escuela de Cine
Log in at:

c/ Luzarra nº14-16 1ºDch
Bilbao, Bizkaia Spain 48014
Telephone: +34-946-55-98-48
Fax. +34-944-04-29-52

Diploma for 1 year/ 2 years/ 3+ years

Mallorca Fim Academy
Log in at:

Sant Jaume, 6
Palma de Mallorca, Spain E-07012
Telephone: +34-971-229-390
Fax: +34-971-229-392

Metropolis Centro de Estudios
Log in at:

Cinema, Television, Sound
Melendez Valdés 31
Madrid, Spain 28015
Telephone: +34-915-43-14-49

Diploma for 1year/ 2 years/ 3+ years, Masteral Degree, Short Beginner and Professional Courses