Summary: Getting to Curacao the fastest and easiest way.

So you’re off to the Caribbean. You probably wanted to take the cruise ship but boat rides make you seasick. You like to start getting a tan fast. Stop fretting. Several airlines fly to Curacao. Its modern international airport, the Hato Airport has the longest runway in all of the Caribbean and is very competent to the standards of other international airports. Daily non-stop flights from the United States are available as well as connecting flights to other parts of the world. Some of Curacao airlines flying in and out of Curacao are:

* American Eagle
International Airport Hato; Gateway – San Juan
Telephone: (599-9) 869 5707
Telefax: (599-9) 869 5714

* ALM Antillean Airlines
Gateway – Port of Spain, Paramaribo, Port-au-Prince, Venezuela, Bonaire, Aruba, Caracas, Kingston, Holland, Miami, St. Maarten

* Air Culebra
Inter-island flights

* American Airlines
International Hato Airport
Telephone: (599-9) 869 5707
Telefax: (599-9) 869 5714

* Air Jamaica Ltd.
International Hato Airport rm 0-105
Telephone: (599-9) 888 1919
Telefax: (599-9) 888 2313

* Aires
Aeropuerto Hato W G 04105
Telephone: (599-9) 888 3431
Telefax: (599-9) 868 0209

* Avianca Airlines
Aeropuerto Hato Room wg 4/5
Telephone: (599-9) 86800122 /01
Telefax: (599-9) 868 0209

Royal Dutch Airlines
Office Park Zeelandia
Telephone: (599-9) 465 2747
Telefax: (599-9) 465 3733

Curacao airlines are not the only flights being handled by Curacao’s Hato International Airport. It also welcomes private planes. One of the companies that handles these flights is the Cats Handling with contact number (599-9) 869 4482 and email address Guests using private planes may also solicit the services of Curacao Ground Handler.

A visit to would give you a longer Curacao airlines list. As with other destinations and with other airline company, online flight reservations in and out of Curacao are available. A return ticket or ticket for a travel someplace else should be presented upon by a tourist upon his arrival in Curacao. Return flight schedule issues may be resolved at the airport as some of Curacao airlines have ticket booths there. It is advisable to check whether the airline company you chose is holding office at the Hato International airport or is available online for any flight schedule revisions you may wish to have.

Getting to Curacao should be like any other trip you have had to other destinations. While Curacao airlines flying to and from Curacao may not be as numerous as the flights coming in and out of your place, they all have one same goal. It is to give all of us passengers the best travel experience on air.