8 Wonderful Factors Switch from on-premises PBX to VoIP Hosted PBX

1. Reduced Expenses:

Purchasing a typical phone system is like getting a brand-new vehicle, it dramatically devalues the day you put it on the road. Eventually, the purchase you have made will need to be replaced. You can make savings by investing in a VoIP Hosted PBX system, where the cost is less when paid up- front.


2. A VoIP Hosted PBX is Dynamically Scalable:

Up-sizing and down-sizing with business changes are made easy. VoIP Hosted PBX Solutions allow you to purchase the specific number of users you need currently, and later on, you can increase or decrease the users when you actually require them. This helps to retain capital instead of assuming what size PBX you may need to purchase in the future, based on the number of users you may have in a few years time.

3. A VoIP PBX Considerably Minimizes Devaluation Losses:

Standard PBX systems depreciate up to 70% the day you remove them out of their box. With a VoIP Hosted phone system, you will not need to stress over devaluation because you’re not buying equipment.


4. A VoIP Hosted PBX is Cheaper, Easier to Update and Maintain:

Any movement, changes or add ons no longer require on-site adjustments to your phone system. The majority of VoIP Hosted PBX can be configured remotely by the supplier. This means there is flexibility for add ons, changes or adjustments to users very quickly. In addition, expenses are reduced by eradicating maintenance contracts and onsite technicians.


5. A VoIP Hosted PBX Makes Use of Non-Proprietary Parts:

When you purchase a standard PBX phone system, you’re securing your firm into a long term commitment to proprietary structure that might or might not keep up to date with technical innovations. Essentially, you are trusting that the proprietary technology will evolve with industry changes and developments. In the future, it is quite possible with a typical PBX you’ll be at the manufacturer’s grace for fixing and also development because only their components may be compatible with your purchase. Always be certain your VoIP Hosted PBX system functions with numerous phone manufacturers. In the event that you change to another system, a full move to another system won’t be necessary.


6. A VoIP System Eradicates Modern Technology Obsolescence:

Considering that you’re not buying a phone system, you do not need to worry about equipment becoming out of date. New features and updates are available automatically with Reign-Free Hosted PBX solutions.


7. Emergency Protection and Disaster Recovery:

A Hosted PBX system will shield your company’s call infrastructure similar to the way you safeguard your website and emails. This is applied through secure hosting off-site. If you are thinking about purchasing VoIP Hosted PBX services, ensure that the supplier you are purchasing from providing security and also redundancy, so that there is no concern about the support and physical requirements of your phone system.


8. Enhanced Features for Improved Performance:

Many business VoIP Hosted Voice providers include additional calling features that are not offered with typical phone systems. Features that will certainly enhance the method you manage your calls, such features are Call Recordings, unique DID’s, CRM Integration, Follow Me, Fax to Email, Voicemail to Email and Auto Attendant.

Wonderful Factors Switch from on-premises PBX to VoIP Hosted PBX